Boar Bot

Significantly cuts down on the time and labor required to heatcheck sows. Allows more natural nose-to-nose contact between boars and sows, with less stress on the boar.

Mechanized efficiency

Eliminate injuries

Increase farrowing rates by 2-10%

95% less boar-worker contact

Generate profit in the first 6 months

High technology and durable farm equipment.

Nickel-plated design houses reliable internal robotics

510 lbs. 4-wheel-drive traction, 2-speed efficiency, and only 19.75” wide


Hearse to make light work of big animals.

Side Guard to better focus a boar’s attention.

Stainless steel body for added life.

Narrow Model that is only 17.5” wide and 475 lbs.

Wash Hand

Make light work of your dirty work by cutting wash time down by an incredible 85%-90%, while safely reducing worker exposure to disinfectant.

Automated Productivity

Self-propelled - let it wash while you work

Arm extends 6 feet and rotates 340° while Quick-Change spray nozzle rotates 360°

Durable Robotics

Compact design

Reliable robotics

Stainless steel - ideal for wet conditions

Profit minded features.

Wash Hand hooks up to your existing pressure washing system using hot or cold water and can be used with any chemical used by your washer.

Boar Broom

A true walk-behind broom that cleans hog barn floors at a quicker pace, reducing mold and microtoxins, saving feed, and reducing stress on labor.

Robust industrial construction

Compact design

Sturdy build

Operates for hours between charges.

Includes 12V battery charger.

Profit minded features

By using the boar broom, you save money, time, and free-up labor for other critical tasks.

Boar Buzzard

Lift 2000 lbs. with almost no effort. 1 person can do the work of 3-4 people in less time. Your Boar Buzzard will never need a chiropractor

Mechanized power and productivity

12V 400016 winch. Bed raises and lowers for convenience. 4-wheel steering.

Reliable design

1 year warranty

Rechargeable battery for clean and efficient operating

Boar Hearse

The Hearse is a tool you don't want to be without when trying to remove large hogs from any part of your barn. The Hearse can turn 90º to fit right into the crate for easy removal. Use the 12 volt winch to hoist the animal onto the Hearse and use the Boar Bot to drive the animal to your place of disposal. (Boar Bot and Boar Hearse sold separately)

Automated efficiency

Works in almost any hog barn or trailer

Rechargeable battery system

Set-up to work around obstacles

Comes with variable speed

Arm rotates a full 360°