Hurri Train

Change the way you look at cleaning your barns, cutting down the time spent cleaning by 75%-95%.

The days of begging and bribing someone to wash the barn are over. With the HurriTrain, you can set the machine to run and then walk away, letting it cut through the dirt automatically.

Automated efficiency.
Works in almost any hog barn or trailer.
Rechargeable battery system.
Set-up to work around obstacles.
Comes with variable speed.
Arm rotates a full 360°.

Mighty Mack Washer

This powerful washing system is a great example of Swine Robotic’s dedication to sustainable innovation. Adopting technology used in automated car washes, the Mighty Mack Washer cleans pens and stalls four to six times faster than traditional washing.

It is easy to transport and hang on the walls of your facility.