EVO Cleaner

EVO Cleaner

The EVO Cleaner is a new control system that makes it possible for the robot to do two motions at the same time. That´s what makes the robot so much faster (30-50%). Since the robot never stops between the moves, it´s also easier to do a more precise program. The robot will be more responsive and soft in the moves.

Just Better

Better Performance

Better Design

Better Hose Reel System

20-25% Faster

Durable Robotics

Made With Better Materials

Easily Adjustable

Program Customization

* The EVO Cleaner is made in Sweden, but is designed to meet the needs of the US market.


EVO Cleaner
Total Width: 26.77 in
Total Length Incl. Sideways Guidance Wheels: 82.67 in
Total Height When Retracted: 63.38 in
Effective Working Range: up to 236.22 in
Frame: Stainless Steel
Covers: ABS
Power Supply: 24 V DC
Weight:595 lbs
Guidance Wheels: Removable/Reversible
Transportation Wheel: Power Operated
Control System: E-Top 500
Alarm Device: Yes, via Internet
Hose Couplings: Stainless Steel
High Pressure Hose on Reel: Length 164' Ø3/8”
Hose Spreader: Yes
Recommended Water Pressure: 2610-3190 psi
Recomended Water Flow: 4-4.75 gal/min
Minimum Measure Aisle, Standard Wheels: 39.37-31.5 in. in-out
Minimum Measure Aisle, Special Wheels: 43.31-25.6 in. in-out 39.37-27.56 in. in-out 35.43-31.5 in. in-out

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