Wash Hand 2.0

Wash Hand 2.0

Make light work of your dirty work by cutting wash time down by an incredible 85%-90%, while safely reducing worker exposure to disinfectant.

Automated Productivity

Self-propelled - let it wash while you work

Arm extends 6 feet and rotates 340° while Quick-Change spray nozzle rotates 360°

Durable Robotics

Compact design

Reliable robotics

Stainless steel - ideal for wet conditions

Profit minded features

Wash hand hooks up to your existing pressure washing system using hot or cold water, and can be used with any chemical used by your washer.

Parts List

Wash Hand
WashHand 1:Ball Detent Pin 35.00
WashHand 1:Brake Kits 25.00
WashHand 1:Cable 51.00
WashHand 1:Cable Grip 119.00
WashHand 1:Coupling 17.00
WashHand 1:Coupling Female 32.00
WashHand 1:Coupling Male 10.00
WashHand 1:Gauge 0.00
WashHand 1:Hose 3\8 Per Ft. 4.20
WashHand 1:Hose Ends 18.00
WashHand 1:Nozzle Adaptor 4.00
WashHand 1:Plastic 40.00
WashHand 1:PLC Beckhoff 9000 2,500.00
WashHand 1:Prox Cable 50.00
WashHand 1:Prox Switch 250.00
WashHand 1:Quick Disconnect 23.00
WashHand 1:Reel 395.00
WashHand 1:Spray Nozzle 8.00
WashHand 1:Tensioner 212.00
WashHand 1:WashHand Motor 649.00
WashHand 1:WashHand Relay 595.00
WashHand 1:WashHand Swivel 99.00


- Ken Seger
Owner Seger Farms, Inc. in Ohio

“I would say the biggest benefit to using The Wash Hand is not having to stand in a steamy, hot, dirty, unhealthy environment for hours on end holding on to a pressure washing wand. Now I don’t even have to beg, bribe or threaten to get someone to wash out the building. It’s fun walking out knowing the building is being cleaned and you’re not getting dirty. I would definitely recommend that a swine producer at least try a unit and see for yourself.”
- Nancy, Owner

"We had been badly delayed by Dorian causing transportation snafus...starting last Wednesday as they cancelled our loads to move pigs around closer to her path. That has put us with moving 24-25 semis of pigs starting last Saturday through this Friday. Normally, that would have left us with little opportunity to do any washing at all. We are learning the best small increments of human prewash actions...then there is only the little bit in corners at both ends and where our sick pens interfere with her full swing (Mike is figuring out a retrofit so she can get that area, too.) He got the Wash Hand started late last Saturday, and we have gotten 1/3 of the farm done, should have half done Wednesday. I think she will be 2/3 done by Saturday midday. As he gets better at tweaking operating, she is making faster progress. I think that - thanks to your great invention - we will have the entire farm ready for pigs as they start arriving again next week...even taking the weekend off. I cannot overstate how crucial this robot is to our ability to accomplish what used to be the one job that ground up any humans we could hire to do it. None could have or would have stood up to the Wash Hands pace.”