Boar Bot 2.0

Boar Bot 2.0

Building on the trusted foundation of the original model, the updated Boar Bot 2.0 features a variable speed motor with soft-start and soft-stop functionality. This technology enables you to maneuver more precisely, quietly, and safely through the barn.
Modern innovation combined with time-tested Boar Bot technology means that the newest version of the Swine Robotics Boar Bot 2.0 is a new and improved reincarnation of the machine that pork producers have trusted for a long time.
The original Boar Bot runs at one speed. Boar Bot 2.0 has variable speed with soft-start, soft-stop, and an infinite range of speed. Boar Bot 2.0 gradually accelerates, is less jumpy, runs quietly, has more refined technology, and is overall a smoother operating machine.
This technological advancement in heat checking answers the call for pig farmers to provide best welfare to every pig on our farm, including the boars helping us find females in heat. Boar Bot 2.0 exercises boars with smooth, gradual acceleration, respectful of the fact that the boar naturally starts slower and gradually picks up speed as he moves through the females. These boars have an important job to do for us. If we treat them with optimal welfare, they will be better at finding females in heat.

Mechanized efficiency

Easily operated by one person

Quiet technology reduces refractory females

Increase safety with 95% less boar-worker contact

Increase farrowing rates by 2-10%

Generate profit in the first 6 months

Able to travel 1.5 times faster than a regular boar bot.

  • Low speed for heat checking
  • High speed for put away at end of day.
  • Reliable technology and durable farm equipment

    Variable speed motor for precise maneuvering

    Nickel-plated design houses reliable internal robotics

    510 lbs. 4-wheel-drive traction, 2-speed efficiency, and only 19.75” wide

    Able to travel 1.5 times faster than a regular boar bot.

    Able to operate at the exact correct pace during heat checking events

    Boar Bot study conducted by Nicole Sugai of the University of Illinois College of Veterinarian Medicine

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    * Read more about Boar Bot 2.0 on the innovations page.
    Boar Bot Study

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    Hearse to make light work of big animals

    Side Guard to better focus a boar’s attention

    Stainless steel body for added life

    Narrow Model that is only 17.5” wide and 475 lbs