Boar Bot

Boar Bot

Significantly cuts down on the time and labor required to heatcheck sows. Allows more natural nose-to-nose contact between boars and sows, with less stress on the boar.

Mechanized efficiency

Eliminate injuries

Increase farrowing rates by 2-10%

95% less boar-worker contact

Generate profit in the first 6 months

High technology and durable farm equipment

510 lbs. 4-wheel-drive traction, 2-speed efficiency, and only 19.75” wide


Hearse to make light work of big animals

Side Guard to better focus a boar’s attention

Stainless steel body for added life

Narrow Model that is only 17.5” wide and 475 lbs

See it in action!


-Jeremy Robertson,
Head of Production, Brenneman Pork, Inc.

The boar bot is a huge labor saver. It increases our ability to have specialized labor and focus on production.