Robots Ready to Work for You


Boar Bot

Significantly cuts down on the time and labor required to heatcheck sows. Allows more natural nose-to-nose contact between boars and sows, while exercising the boar.


Boar Bot 2.0

The updated Boar Bot 2.0 features a variable speed motor with soft-start and soft-stop functionality. This enables you to maneuver more precisely, quietly, and safely through the barn.


Wash Hand

Make light work of your dirty work by
cutting wash time down by an incredible 85%-90%, while safely reducing worker exposure to disinfectant.


EVO Cleaner

A new control system that makes it possible for the robot to do two motions at the same time.
Making the EVO Cleaner 30-50% faster!

Powerful technology that makes your work faster, safer, and better.

Advanced robots shouldn’t require an advanced degree in robotics. Our robots are simple and straightforward enough that you can put them to work in your barn on Day 1.

Save Money

Start saving money immediately.

Save Labor

Free-up labor for skilled tasks.

Save Time

Only robots can be this efficient.

Save Health

Your robot will never need a chiropractor.